About Developing Lives Services

At Developing Lives services all of our residential and supported living services have a focus on skills retention and development, to enable people to live as independently as possible.

Each person’s needs and choices are unique to them. We will help the person to convey their personal aspirations and goals and provide the support necessary to achieve them. We will create a care and support plan that will keep the focus on what is important to the individual and progress will be reviewed regularly.

We adopt a strengths based approach that allows the individual to see themselves at their best and the value they bring from just being themselves. Developing strengths-based approaches encourages people to be proud of their achievements and contributions, allowing them to be confident in their ability to add more to the community. Involvement in the wider community allows for an increase in resilience and wellbeing to life.

Our Aims

Care and support plans are created with the person. The conversation is led by the individual who knows best about their needs and preferences. There is a focus on the person’s goals and aspirations. Care planning explores the potential for change and opportunities to develop capacity and ability. The person is supported to express how they want their care and support delivered and they agree what is included in the care and support plan.

The person is considered as a whole in all aspects of their lives. The person is supported to be involved in decision making. The emphasis is on safe care that respects the persons right to take risks that they understand. Treating each individual with dignity and respect and protecting them from abuse and neglect.

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