Statement of Purpose

CQC Regulation 12: Statement of Purpose

We include all the following core values in our provision ensuring clients can be as fully involved as possible and using a method of communication that allows the individual to be involved in the delivery of their care and support services.

It is vital that a client’s total inclusion into community life takes place while taking into consideration their capabilities whilst ensuring that all general physical and mental health needs are met. Also that id any more complex provision is required by an individual that the necessary training to meet these specific needs is given to all staff that provide care and support to the individuals.

We are very much a Person-centred home and the care and treatment is tailored to meet each individuals needs and preferences. That people are treated with dignity and respect at all times. This includes privacy when individuals need it. That all individuals are given the same rights and treated equally and as equals. Also that support is given to enable the person to stay as independent as possible within their own capabilities and to ensure that care and treatment does not disenable the individual and make them more reliant on care and support.

We discuss and whenever possible give the person the choice on how and when their care and support is given to them and in a way that leads to constructive results, and not at periods when this is suitable to the provider of the provision or activity.

That we have a duty to keep the individual safe and at a reduced risk of harm at all times and our staff are qualified to carry out risk assessments and show competence, skills and experience in keeping the individual safeguarded.

In our duty of care we demonstrate good practice and do not neglect, use unnecessary or disproportionate restraint or inappropriate limits on an individuals health.

That their home is a place where a person feels able to relax and they feel is clean and suitable for their needs. But if the person needs to say how they feel about an area of their treatment, care and support they are able to do so confidently, in the knowledge their concerns will be addressed quickly and efficiently so they can move forwards with their life.

It is necessary for the person to know that their home is managed and has good skilled management and staff can look towards improving the quality of all areas of care and support provided. Also the individual is protected holistically in all health, safety and general wellbeing and that all their needs are catered for whether it is diet, treatment or activities. That at any time the individual can access their care and support information in a way that is appropriate to their capabilities.

Service Provider:
Developing Lives Services (2000) Limited

Head Office:
236 Old Christchurch Road
01202 292995

Location Address:
Meyrick Lodge
3 Meyrick Park Crescent

Meyrick Cottage
1a Meyrick Park Crescent

Registered Person

Mr Dale Alexander Walcroft
01202 911718

Mr Dimitri Eikosipentarchos
01202 292995


Developing Lives Services (2000) limited shall endeavour to ensure that all criteria relating to the current legislation are satisfied.

The Service Users are entitled to a Care Plan, which will be adhered to and provided by Developing Lives Services (2000) limited.

All staff are subject to monthly supervision and annual appraisal meetings.


Developing Lives Services (2000) Limited is adequately insured to meet the requirements of Employers and Public Liability.

Developing Lives Services (2000) limited staff members are advised not to undertake any unsafe manoeuvring of Service Users and are trained in moving and handling.

Developing Lives Services (2000) limited staff members will under no circumstances attempt to use broken equipment or furniture.

The Service User is expected to cover insurance for any accidental damage that may occur to any object in the Service Users home, or an accident to staff caused by any unsafe object or equipment as outlined in the terms of business signed by the people requiring support or their representative.

Risk assessments are ongoing in the Service Users home while staff are in attendance.

Complaints and Compliments

Developing Lives Services (2000) limited welcomes feedback on its services, equally from Service Users and their friends, family or carers, whether these are compliments, complaints or suggestions for ways of doing things better.

Service Users should feel free to let the care workers working with them know if they wish to make any comments. Should the Service User prefer to take up the matter with someone else within the organization or if they feel that a point they made is not being taken seriously or acted on, they can ask to be put in touch with a Senior Manager.